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Here is a list of the penis enlargement products in the market today

Why do people think size matters?

Primarily, an average male believes that the size of his organ is in direct proportion to his sexual satisfaction abilities. That is why, everywhere that you turn, on the media, in the television and radio and all across the internet, people especially makes are only discussing one thing and no marks for guessing what!

The size of the penis is extremely important for sexual orgasm?

While it is not completely untrue that the longer and the bigger that the male organ is, the better chances of the woman to reach orgasmic heights.

This is because the penis when it is long can reach into the depths and wider the girth of the penis, the woman will have more pleasure while

penetration.But to say that orgasm can only be achieved when the penis is long and wide is too much of an exaggeration. Sometimes all that a woman need

to reach an ecstatic height is the mental connect with her man and the will and the energy to explore the realms that have never before been by them together.

Discussing with your partner can help

Like said already, the problem may not be as serious as it is perceived by the man to be. Talking to the partner can help ease his fears and also calm his nerves and that can indeed help him perform better and give her a great time.

Media hypes – don’t believe them

Most and by most I mean all the penis enlargement treatments that are non surgical in nature will keep you seriously wondering that if you have a penis size of 5 and shorter then you are in a soup and that you must consider approaching them for remedial treatments and that once you are through the treatment your size would have improved at least by a minimum of 1 to 2 inches.There will be scientific looking testimonials and endorsed by several medical institutes.

But look into them carefully and you will realize that they are endorsed Talright but those institutions do not provide any guarantee of satisfactory treatment nor any respite from the side effects that may be caused.

Why is surgery not opted?

The idea of going under the surgeon’s scalpel and being operated on down there can be a rather dangerous proposition even to a daring alpha male.

They shiver in their pants when they are accosted with the prospects of a surgery to correct the size of their manhood.This is precisely the reason why men are scared to go for surgery for enhancement of the size of their penises.

And that may be why a number of other alternative ways of enlargement of the penis is doing the round and are also successful in creating an impression that they are the next best thing to surgery if not the best way itself.

Here is a list of the products that aids in the enlargement of the penis

Pills and lotions

Pills and lotions are a combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs and hormones that can help the development of the muscles around the penis and thus help in faster erection, late ejaculation or lasting long enough in bed.The herbal concoction in the pills may also contain.

certain chemicals that may allow free flowing of the blood to the penis and thus getting an erection faster than normally. Although this solution provides temporary gains it's an excellent way to quickly enhance your erection size. If you want to go down this route then you should check out These Top Rated Male Enhancers to find out more.

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are mechanical devise that helps to draw a lot of blood in to the penis. The blood allows the penis to swell and temporarily big. The problem however is that this is only a permanent solution and drawing blood too often can result in the muscles around the organ to become loose and loose its elasticity.


Exercise moves involving hand asana and other movement of pressing th head of the penis right up to its base may help in reaching the blood too, but there is no empirical results to prove that indeed the exercises are beneficial.


This involves adding an extension device to the penis in order to extend traction. One of the best ways to get orgasm but there is no guarantee that it will work each and every time.